Saturday, 11 May 2013

Belated Poster!

Finally got around to publishing the poster....long after the event has taken place - but there were other posters on the day fortunately. This one - in the end - has been finished off in Word, using the lino print as a starting point.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Happy Diversions

Some how several weeks have gone by and it does not appear to have been spent in painting...but it has given me a chance to play with Lino once more.  Our Year are putting together a catalogue and it is very close to crunch time; that is the time when all the images need to be in at the printers. We have had two different themes - long story - but it has made me print out two pictures, make a logo and sometime soon a self portrait.

Having a Whale of a Time with Hull.
We are to put our Hull based pictures into a 'zine.

Superstitions. It is good fortune to cut your hair by the light of
a New Moon.

Duck! Sadly I am not allowed to use this as my
self portrait.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

'Where Do I Live?' cards update.

Hi, just thought I'd show these small creatures who are (probably) finished and in their homes. The last little bit of painting went on for days which was more to do with distractions, then hours of fine painting work being lavished on them  Something the photograph cannot show is how nice they are to pick up and handle which may sound a little odd but they were partly made with the idea of being made into a simple educational game for children to fit the right animal to it's favoured habitat. This needs more work as just four animals does not create much of a challenge! I also have to consider whether the animals faces should be completely free floating and complete within the circle, like the hedgehog or have some of the background included, as with the otter...ermm will be pondering more on that. Anyway, there they are!

Water Vole



Pine Marten

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Here are the finished faces of four British Owls which will make up part of the final major project. They've been a pleasure to do - perhaps now I will try more of a challenge, and the next set will be fish?!

Tawny Owl

Long-Eared Owl

Short-Eared Owl

Barn Owl

Monday, 8 April 2013

Working on the Screen

Hello. While the painting of the animal's faces and habitats are coming along I've also been working on the idea of a screen or possibly a triptych.  I have always been fascinated and frightened of underwater seascapes - the effects of growing up watching Jacques Cousteau perhaps.  Which has only increased as underwater exploration has developed along with the technology to take such wonderful photographs.  It also ties in with seeing a programme about the concern surrounding overfishing - so a local seascape it is!

This is the prototype I've made and painted. It is only A4 size and I
haven't painted it in detail yet. But I needed to see how well hinges
made out of fabric worked and whether I should do more cut out pieces or fewer.

I have gone back into Illustrator and adjusted the shape on this one and have also created another screen. The new one will show woodland, river and loch. The two side panels will close neatly on top of the centre panel and interlock - well they do as bits of paper! Tomorrow - when I cut it out - will tell me if my measurements are accurate.

The outline. I think this could still be worked on before it's cut out.
Most of the interest is in the painting, but looking at just the shape I think
I could make it bolder.

The Tree Screen. I will leave any judgement until it is cut out
and then painted.

Friday, 5 April 2013

A Little Bit More.

The animals are coming along...

A hedgehog and the pine marten started.

The four of them photographed in some rare sunshine.
Almost finished.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Not only, but also...

Have also been working on small furry critters. They are to make a card set - though at this point it will only be a prototype of four-with the idea of 'Where do they live?' ...fitting the animals into their correct habitat.

Far from finished, but the start of the Water Vole and the Common Otter.